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Linda Schuyler Announces $1 Million Donation for
County of Brant Community Legacy: The Bawcutt Centre

"My parents, Jack & Joyce Bawcutt never stopped giving back to this community that welcomed our family as immigrants in the 1950s. In their honour, we are proud to name this building
- The Bawcutt Centre."
"We want it to be a welcoming place to ALL. A multipurpose hub, whose roots remind us what democracy is all about in this country. Things happen because people are allowed to speak; and it starts right here at the local level."
Linda (Bawcutt) Schuyler
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County of Brant

The 1854 Paris Town Hall could be an immense source of pride for the County of Brant. It could house a Scottish Heritage Centre, a Centre for Arts & Learning, and businesses that would generate economic activity. Both nationally and internationally significant, this beloved building needs to be cared for and made a priority to achieve this.

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